Some other random posts.

Well here it is the famous mission accomplished speech. We’ve done it all is ready no more work needs to be done … or so was thought. Just wanted to put a post up so the home page didn’t look so bare but also that I think a lot of things are already in place and wanted a small win in this dredge that is creating a social networking experience.

So what’s left to do…

Well it might be apparent to all that the banner is a stock banner. I do have some ideas/scribblings but need to get them digitised and online, shouldn’t be long. I also have to decide what I’m going to writing about. Obviously the brewing is the main thing and will be putting some posts about my last brew shortly. Would also like to get rid of the box around the rss and twitter link images but we’ll see how it goes.

Obviously I’ll update when I have more.

Later days.