Thoughts about beers I’ve tasted and remember enough about to post my thoughts

IPA Wars

Whilst I’m playing the waiting game with brewing there isn’t really a lot to post about. So whilst waiting for a brew it turns out that I drink quite a lot of other beer. To pass the time and ensure that I don’t allow this prosperity project to become stagnant I thought I would write about these beers … or at least the ones I remember.

This brings me on to the IPA Wars at BrewDog Aberdeen on the 6th of July.  This is one of these cases where I don’t remember a great deal about the beers but I thought it was definitely worth writing about. Essentially if you get the chance to attend one, then go because it was a great laugh and some fantastic IPAs… at least from what I remember. There were 20 in total spread across 3 menus which were swapped out at different times of the night. Cleverly the most interesting sounding beers were on the last menus so was forced to stay until the end. Sadly the much rumoured Hopinator was present but not functional so had to make do with the original hoppyness of the IPAs.

The IPA I remember drinking the most (and therefore my recomendation from this evening) was 8wired’s Hopwired IPA … but that is as much as I can tell you!